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Count on us to provide quality writing and production work to make your radio commercial stand out from the rest. We have an extensive music and production library to fully produce your commercial to meet high professional standards. Even better, we can create a full jingle, singers only clip, or custom music bed for you to keep. We live and breath radio advertising and programming ... we know how the two sides work together to build not only audience but customer satisfaction.


WebmercialsFrontPage We're a boutique agency based in Collingwood, Ontario. We have been in the media - advertising business for over 40 years. Our experienced freelance partners are based throughout Canada and are able to work with us on a daily basis. We have a full production and sound effects library in-house with a creative, multi-talented producer standing by to bring your next media project to life! PRmediamix works with some of Canada's best talents to create outstanding, professional radio production, web site development, video commercials for web and print advertising. Our ambition is to help small to medium businesses succeed by creating excellent creative to help them compete in a cost effective manner with the bigger players. "When you look this good, people notice!" In today's over-crowded advertising playing field, we can help you stand out from the rest. We'll work with you to identify your advertising needs. We'll discuss media opportunities (radio, television, print, new media) and work with you to create an advertising budget that makes sense, and a media plan that delivers results. Here's where we're different. We don't charge a percentage of your media buy. Imagine that! Our objective is to help you achieve top results by delivering a professional product created from a tidy, trim advertising budget. RadioTakeout.com delivers radio copy and produced commercials and promos to radio stations. We can do as much or as little as a station needs. For start-ups, we can be the station's entire creative department, delivering daily commercials, demos and scripts to your sales department as quickly and efficiently as if we were in the next room. We'll make your station sound bigger by delivering multiple out-of-market voices and outstanding production. You save money because we're not full time employees ... you don't even have to invite us to your station's Christmas party! We were there to turn it on for the first time ... now, CHAY-FM turns 40
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Selling Audience is our Only Business!
Animations for web sites and facebook pages are a quick and affordable way to deliver your message!
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